glass in all its facets.

Over the Years I have carefully chosen and added my glass objects to my collection. Each and every one one has its own amazing story to tell.

Authentic and reputable

Almost all of our rare items are assured to be completely authentic and obtained from a highly reputable source. These pieces have been in the possession of the same family for more than 70 years, a lineage deeply committed to collecting Venini, Barovier and Yoichi Ohira pieces for four generations. Our customer-friendly return policy ensures that you can receive a full refund for any purchased vases without any trouble. Many of the objects have also been inspected by Giancarlo Toso, an expert, and found to be 100% authentic.

beyond glass.

Apart from glass you can discover a substantial array of various other objects. Most of them published, in museums and well known. We have a superb range of designer objects and accessories ranging from a visonaire or pirelli calendar, to vases and bowls, tin toys, books, artwork and furniture.

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Videos of my Collection

I invite you to take a look at a collection of videos I made about a few selected pieces of my collection. Please feel free to treat them as a small guided tour through my collection.

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