Carlo Scarpa – Vases of Boundless Creativity

The Venetian architect and designer Carlo Scarpa, who lived from 1906 to 1978, had a lifelong fascination with glassmaking.

Carlo Scarpa's vases exemplify French painterGeorges Braque's sentiment that "the vase gives shape to emptiness, and music to silence".

A Brilliant Figure in the Realms of Glass Vases

  • Starting in the late 1920s, he worked alongside Murano's masters to learn the craft's techniques and secrets. One of his most significant influences were both Giacomo Cappellin, the owner of Maestri Vetrai Muranesi Cappellin & C., and Paolo Venini.
  • He reached the pinnacle of his artistic career during the 1940s. His glasswork was so impressive that the 1940 Venice Biennale dedicated an entire hall to his creations.
  • From 1932 until 1946, Scarpa served as the artistic director of Venini, a renowned Italian glass brand based in Venice.

Space Taking Shape: Scarpa’s Intriguing Designs

Carlo Scarpa expressed his ideas by experimenting with delicate and refined glass, immersing himself in the mysteries and artistry of Murano glass vases. The legacy of Carlo Scarpa’s glass vases endures through his playful aesthetics and pursuit of advanced techniques.

Colorful Whirls of the Pennellate Vase: Carlo Scarpa’s Famous Venini Glasswork

During his time at Venini, he designed one of his most iconic glass vases – the experimental Pennellate series:

Two examples made in 1942:

Pennellate Vase Carlo Scarpa
Carlo Scarpa Pennellate Vase

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