Corroso Glass© 2020 LE STANZE DEL VETRO - 1000 Objekte

Corroso Glass© 2020 LE STANZE DEL VETRO

Literally “corroded” glass, i.e. an artificial stone-like finish achieved by exposing the glass to fluoridic acid. The surface of the glass object was covered with an irregular layer of melted wax applied with a sponge; the object was then immersed in a vat containing sawdust and hydrofluoric acid to obtain the corrosion of the areas unprotected by the wax. The result is similar to a frosted surface. The method has now been abandoned due to the health risk related to the use of hydrofluoric acid or its salts.  
The corroded glass series by Venini was exhibited at the 6th Milan Triennale and at the 20th Venice Biennale in 1936. Carlo Scarpa used this technique to design a wide range of delicately shaped glass pieces, some decorated with hot applications of corroded bosses, ribbons and relief decorations. For these pieces, Scarpa chose delicate shades, like aquamarine, amethyst, smoke-grey, straw and carnelian, but in some cases he used brighter colours such as orange, blue, green and red. 
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