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2 Richters country house construction kits

2 Richters country house construction kits

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  • Fa Fri ad. Richter jr., Rudolstadt, in 1912, wooden boxes, artificial stones, metal, cardboard
  • 2 complete big Country houses with modular building instruction No. 301, 301A and ground plan, stones and iron parts
  • 2 woodboxes (No. 301 and No. 301 A Celle Cassel)
  • H. 38 cm or 40.5, as 27.5 cm and 30, T. 6.5 and 9 cm
  • The earliest mentions of kits we find at the end of the 18th Century. Initially were only wooden matches made​​, then the manufactured from 1880, based on an invention of the architect and engineer Gustav Lilienthal "anchor" stone building sets of Friedrich Adolf Richter quickly spread throughout the world. Despite multiple imitation alleged the anchor products to its leading position in the 1920s, when metal construction sets it gradually displaced from the market.
  • 1912 led the judge a series of "country house kits" with new stone forms which are suitable in particular for the construction of small residential buildings. The proven sales principle of basic box (left) and supplementary sets (right) was also retained in this series.
  • Excellent Condition - never used. Found in a screed.

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