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Art glass piece vase by Adam Jabalonski

Art glass piece vase by Adam Jabalonski

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  • Done in sevaryl glass layers covered inside by several metal plates.
  • It is a very very nice original art glass piece in stunning quality and perfect condition.
  • Stands 9 ¼ inches high (23,5 cm)
  • Shipping weight will be 4,9 kilo
  • Adam Jablonski born on April 29, 1936 in Wilczkowice is an artist and glass technology diploma holder who has concerned himself with art glass production since 1952. He built a glass furnace according to his own technology and created a school of artistic mastery in which he trained tens of students. The master is not only an author of unique artistic products but he is also a top class unique glass production engineer having tens of patents on his account. In one of the last ones approved by the Polish Patent Office in 2000, the inventor combines in one production process two elements that would appear to be absolute opposites, that is, glass and metal. The innovative technology prepared by Adam Jablonski allows to introduce delicate metal threads into molten glass.
  • Glassware are not formed in the way as it has been done until now i.e. comprehensively through processing and working of one molten glass ( portion ) but by applying consecutive layers with fused metal threads in accordance with the form of composition planned in advance. Consequently, such a composition does not have one typical structure but it is composed of a number of layers, which not only strengthens and toughens delicate products but also enriches their surface quality and produces reflections of light that are not found in other products. In this way, not only a new form, but also an innovative, simply magical glass and metal structure is created.
  • Being exported to 18 countries of the world, products won over exceptional popularity even in the most well known glass-making centres in Italy, Scandinavia, France, USA, Canada and China. The high quality of compositions made the artist being invited to participate in big world exhibitions where, as a general rule, he won the most prestigious awards and gold medals that he has twelve already. However, an invitation to the famous American museum of glass in Corning that also purchased quite a large collection of Jablonski's compositions is the most appreciated by the master.
  • Adam Jablonski is the only artist from the former Eastern Block whose compositions can be found in this world-famous collection of unique, cosmic and artistic glass.
  • Glass masterpieces of Adam Jablonski are bought by wealthy and well-known people such as kings, presidents and prime-ministers e.g. from Sweden, Spain, France, USA and Russia. Many a time, the Polish President ordered the artist's unique compositions so that when given to notables they would proudly represent the Polish art. At the moment, Adam Jablonski is introducing his son Kamil Jablonski to secrets of the art of artistic glass making.

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