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Danish Vintage Teak Bar Set.

Danish Vintage Teak Bar Set.

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  • I'm pretty sure this is classified as Danish Modern styling, and I'm pretty sure it's teak wood.  The tray is in great shape, no stains or any sort of water damage, or any kind of flaw. 
  • The glassware contained is a set of 6 two ounce shot glasses, trimmed with a wide gold band above a thin gold band.  There are 6 ten ounce tumblers, with the same design.  There are no nicks or damage to the glassware itself, but the gold is wearing off in a couple of spots on some of the glasses. 
  • There are two 1 quart decanters with glass stoppers. 
  • Also included are 2 three inch square trays (for olives and such), 2 four and a half inch square trays, an ice bucket that has the same gold trim as the glasses, which measures six inches diameter and four inches deep.  There is also a ten inch by four inch h'douver tray and 6 six inch diameter plates.  Decanters and glass trays have a geometric, pyramid sort of design to the flat surfaces.  Tray itself is 24 inches long, 16 inches wide and 3 inches deep. 
  • About 1950

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