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Gunnel Sahlin for Kosta Boda. Unique Duo Vase E

Gunnel Sahlin for Kosta Boda. Unique Duo Vase E

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  • “But you can’t do that with glass”!.The words are those of a master glassblower who never attempted anything similar before-and who had frankly it impossible. It is this synthesis – a refreshing lack of Gunnel Sahlin glass
  • She has been a leading designer for Kosta Boda. Gunnel first started out as a textile designer leading Katja of Sweden in New York. For textile artists, colors are usually of the first importance, which is perhaps why Gunnel’s glass is often boldly decorated and decidedly graphic in expression
  • Just as a striking textile can dominate a whole interior , so her glass is never afraid to advertise its presence – it is almost the center of attention, and enjoys being so, for it is no  easy art to captivate an audience, to fill an empty stage. It is this playfulness art this passion for trying out new things which makes Gunnel Sahlin’s glass what it is. It is sensuous; it exudes a lust for life that refuses to subject itself to mere practicality
  • This piece was made in the first five years at Kosta Boda      
  • Unique signed piece
  • Product Code signed as well KGSAUN004036, mid 1990's   32 cm High, 20 cm wide

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