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Kobiki Chawan Teacup by Yamane Seigen, Hagi, Japan

Kobiki Chawan Teacup by Yamane Seigen, Hagi, Japan

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  • Chawan made ​​from Hagi master Yamane Seigen
  • Chawan for the Japanese tea ceremony. This Chawan was born from Hagi potters Yamane Seigen, 1952, made​​. Yamane founded his pottery kilns and the 1987th. He is also the discoverer of the blue Hagi, named after him Seigen-Hagi.
  • Condition is perfect. Signed in original box.
  • Provenance: Collection of the Institute of Chanoyu Ethnosociology Lucerne.
  • Yamane Seigen: Born in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture Pursue a martial arts career through the style of Kyokushin Kaikan, Shoringi Kempo, and Ashihara-kaikan of a New International Karate Organization. Established a Karate school. (continues to this day to be a master of the Karate school) Decided to pursue a life in pottery aimed at direct communication with the inner nature of things. Built a kiln by his own effort spending a year. Initiate his own study of glaze and clay. Made a presentation at 3rd. Hagi-ware Festival by recommendation of YoshidaHagi-en Chokumon, and found ready favor. Subsequently, participated 13times in the festival. Established his own kiln, Kousaian. Start study of Ao-Hagi, meaning blue colored Hagi-ware. Held a private exhibition at a Konpuan gallery in Kuga. Held a exhibition at a Yamaboushi gallery in Hagi. Perfected unique blue color in Hagi-ware called Seigan blue, which brought him a status of up-and-coming pottery artist. Held a joint exhibition with Ms. Yoko Yu in Yamaguchi. Held a private exhibition at Shinto gallery in Kobe. 

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