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Pierre Vuitton Paris Painting Art Brut signed.

Pierre Vuitton Paris Painting Art Brut signed.

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  • Pierre Vuitton, mixed media on (news) paper, approx 310 x 245 mm, signed. The condition of the leaf is caused. By the technique and the age, not like a classic oil painting The sheet is torn, and thus can have cracks and damaged areas. It is not a well-drying painting medium was used at higher pressure on the painting surface, this seems to be slightly sticky. In a framing must therefore necessarily a distance from the glass may be present. Please look at the pictures.


  • Pierre Vuitton (Verdun 1880 to 1962 in Paris), comes from a wealthy family of merchants. In 1.WK, both physically and psychologically wounded severely, he was never coming back to the regular life. After several stays in sanitariums and mental hospitals, he moved to Paris in 1920 majority. Well morphine and alcohol dependence, he lived as a casual laborer, and the rare sale of his pictures, in very poor conditions. His first works were probably during the war years, later he developed real "time-excesses" in which he reportedly spent several days with paint without eating or sleeping. He made the acquaintance of several artists and the Parisian bohemian scene, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico, Rudolf Zehnder, Andreas Walser and Francis Picabia. Increasingly, however, his deteriorating mental condition to read any binding relationship, so he spent most of his later life in mental hospitals or in nursing homes. Many works of Vuitton recall images of Louis Soutter, who was as tormented by an inner turmoil. Vuitton is a classic representative of the Art Brut (or outsider art) as defined by Jean Dubuffet.






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