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Unique Charger by Lena Bergström for Orrefors.

Unique Charger by Lena Bergström for Orrefors.

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Unique objects / Crystal bowls.
Freehand Blown and Hand Cut.
Approximate size Ø40 cm.
Design Lena Bergström.
Orrefors 2001-2016.

The first Planets in Lena Bergströms universe were created in 2001.
Over the years new Planets has been added in various colours and shapes
depending on the season and theme. 
The Planets are the result of a long-time collaboration between Lena
and the skillled glassblowers and mastercutters of Orrefors Kosta Boda.
”I want each Planet to be unique and beautiful. Like us humans.
We all come from one egg with different content and then we are cut
into different characters. We become our own small planets.”

Signed and numbered - unique piece
Mint condition

Born in 1961 in the far northern town of Umeå, Lena followed a diverse training from window dressing to studying textiles at Stockholm’s prestigious Konstfack school and actually achieved her initial burst of fame for outstanding textile art, which is precisely why Orrefors studio head hunted her. The renowned glass company has perfected its quest for gathering artists from different fields into a sensational science through out it’s 100 year old history. “Perhaps because I haven’t worked with glass half my life I dare to make the shapes I have done”



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